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All that has come before has prepared you exquisitely for the journey ahead.

The missteps, the endings, the painful not knowings, the longings for True Love - these have been the sacred markers of your calling to evolution, to leading your people through the gates of redemption, to discover your lineages' uncommon gifts.

You are the center of a vital ripple effect.

From your Power Core sourced from PURE Healing Power your touch, your voice, your instincts, your desires set off a chain reaction that will change the course of human evolution

You would not have chosen your childhood trauma, but in so far as you had no choice, you view healing as your epic journey of personal development that will unlock the greatest treasures the human experience has to offer.

Fear is the frequency of complex trauma.
it haunts our hearts
it distorts our intuition
it pillages our deep knowing 

To conquer fear with love is not violent or forceful; it is a rising, a release, an act of redemption.

As you voyage to an unknown-in-advance destination, this process will recode your thought processing patterns, alter the circuitry of your brain, unleash your True Self Essence & Expertise.

It will awaken inspiration and create magic. Your SOUL will become whole and your SPIRIT will dance.

Questions of "why" are no longer relevant in the realms we travel. Your story of how you got here can be put to rest. 

What matters now is how this story is generating your current life path and the energetic frequency that in THIS VERY MOMENT is manifesting everything that surrounds you, the mind loops in your brain, and the physical sensations in your body. 

When you commit to DEVOTED, you make a declaration that the versions of you that got you here deserve honor and thanks and yet your True Self Essence and Expertise have lay dormant and in hiding for too long. 


Your painful past will no longer have grips upon your future life deadening any hopes of your wildest dreams coming true.

Something new is coming. Something new is being invited in. Something new is calling to the deepest places of your knowing.

Everything is aligning for this massive cycle of energetic upgrades and shadow removal.

And you need not do anything but turn towards your everyday life with a burning desire to see your everyday world as the training ground for your expansion, your healing, your next level of AUTHENTIC, PURE PERSONAL POWER. 

We create a world-within-a-world. 
You need not leave your home to slip into the virtual healing THIRD SPACE that is ours. 
From around the world, we gather as a collective to walk together on this path of awakening. 

Inspiring. Insightful. Inquisitive. 

You will no longer be alone in your wonderings, your longings, your beliefs. 
You will be ensconced in the loving embrace of your fellow DEVOTEES. 

This is the GIFT OF BELONGING, perhaps for the first time in your entire life.

Trauma Transmutation: “I HURT” ➾︎︎ I AM

Training Foci: Stewardship of the Energy Centers, Elemental Medicine, The Gene Keys Activation Sequence, Soul Purpose Remembering
Divine Archetypal Resonance: the Motherless Mother

Self Energy Dimension: CONVICTION, The Frequency of Knowing

Energy Center: THE IDENTITY

Element: Quintessence


I am locating my Power Core.

I am discovering my birthright.

I am organizing my physical space.

I am curating a set of rituals.

I am tuning into my sacred calling.

I am opening up to Evolution.

Trauma Transmutation: “I WON'T” ➾︎︎ I INVITE

Training Foci: Life Force Generation, Tonal Offerings, Clearing Psychic Attacks, Setting Powerful Contexts, Lunar Attunement
Lineage Journey: Dad’s Dad’s line

Ceremonial Facilitation: Naming of Names

Divine Archetypal Resonances: the Sage & the Cheerleader

Self Energy Dimensions: CLARITY, The Frequency of Integrity & CONFIDENCE, The Frequency of Worthiness

Energy Centers: THE MIND + THE EMOTION

Element: Air


I am regaining movement.

I am hearing my own frequency with precision and without judgment.

I am desiring clarity above comfort.

I am turning on and tuning in to my knowing.

I am gaining visibility.

Trauma Transmutation: “I CAN'T” ➾︎︎ I AM OPEN

Training Foci: the Unburdening Sequence, Sacred Intimacy, Conscious Response, Self Love, Decision-Making Authority

Lineage Journey: Dad’s Mom’s line

Ceremonial Facilitation: The Gift of Closure

Divine Archetypal Resonances: the Motivator & the Accountability Partner

Self Energy Dimensions: CREATIVITY, The Frequency of Flow & CURIOSITY, The Frequency of Openness

Energy Centers: THE DESIRE + THE HEART

Element: Fire


I am ceasing to be complicit in the harmful patterns of relating.

I am liberating those I love from my demands that they care for unhealed Parts of me.

I am radiating love in the darkest of places.

I am turning towards that which is true in every cell of my body.

I am taking radical responsibility for all that I am an energetic match for in my life.
Trauma Transmutation: “I WILL DESTROY” ➾︎︎ I PURIFY

Training Foci: Shadow Work, Re-Negotiating Implicit Contracts, Setting The Inner Circle, Releasing What No Longer Serves

Lineage Journey: Mom’s Mom’s line

Ceremonial Facilitation: Forgiveness For All

Divine Archetypal Resonances: the Alchemist & the Mentor

Self Energy Dimensions: CONNECTEDNESS, The Frequency of Harmony & COMPASSION, The Frequency of One Love


Element: Water


I am releasing shame.

I am washing away the story of struggle.

I am forgiving.

I am protecting that which is rare and exquisite.

I am rising to a higher standard in all things. 
Trauma Transmutation: “I MUST” ➾︎︎ I ILLUMINATE

Training Foci: Animal Inspirations, Wisdom Keeping, Dream Tracking, Ancestral Releases, Channeling Source Energy

Lineage Journey: Mom’s Dad’s line

Ceremonial Facilitation: Initiations Into Remembrance

Divine Archetypal Resonance: the Coach

Self Energy Dimensions: CALMNESS, The Frequency of Resilience & COURAGE, The Frequency of Bravery


Element: Earth


I am cultivating my own medicine through Wisdom Keeping.

I am attuning to the resonance of my soul and my spirit.

I am weaving together the storyline of my people.

I am creating the path of least resistance to healing in my life.

I am co-creating with The Universe.
In DEVOTED, you will experience:
  • Energetic Protection with Human Design
  • Soul Purpose Remembering with the Gene Keys
  • Unburdening of Traumatized Parts with Internal Family Systems
  • ​Ancestral Healing with Lineage Journeys
  • ​Cleaning Up the Relational Field with Elemental Medicine
  • ​Clearing Emotional and Energetic Blocks with Breathwork

This is where everything comes together and nothing is ever the same again.

The Exchange - 6-month commitment, $555 per month
***purchase of the 5 Circuits of Healing Power curriculum required and separate***
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